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Let’s Go Wild!

Let’s Go Wild!

Get some ‘Wild Time’ with your family with the help of our 'Let's Go Wild' ideas featuring simple ideas for games, crafts and activities to do outdoors - just for fun or to get closer to wildlife.

Get out into your garden, local park or come on down to Moors Valley – these activities can be done in almost any outdoor space. Most won’t need any complicated equipment – just enthusiasm and sometimes some common household items.

Get inspired, get outdoors and lets go wild!


  • Camouflage GamesTest your camouflage skills with these fun games
  • Butterfly FeederAttract butterflies to your garden by making your own feeder
  • Cloud WatchingA simple and fun activity that doesn’t need any equipment other than your imagination!
  • Dawn ChorusGet up early and listen for the chorus of birdsong
  • SunflowersHow tall will your sunflower grow?
  • Nest ChallengeCan you build a nest to hold some eggs?


  • Squirrel SeedsTry these two games to see if you could make it as a squirrel and survive the winter
  • Underwater viewerA nice and easy activity to get you closer to some of the creatures hiding in ponds and streams
  • Wildlife DetectiveBecome a wildlife detective in search of signs of animal life
  • Fly a KiteMake your own kites and seeing which ones will fly
  • Deck the HallsBring a touch of the outdoors into your home at Christmas
  • Wooden RudolphA festive reindeer make
  • Winter Ice ArtBring a bit of winter magic to your garden
  • Feed the BirdsMake a tasty bird feeder for your garden birds

All Year Round

  • StargazingYou don’t need a telescope. On a clear night there are lots of interesting things that can be seen with the naked eye.
  • Nature’s AlphabetCan you find a natural object for every letter of the alphabet?
  • Feely BoxesTest out your sense of touch and explore natural textures with this fun game
  • Colour CatchingWhen you take time to stop and look you’ll be amazed at all the different colours and shades you can find in nature
  • Snail racingA fun game to play with friends
  • Leaf BoatsWill it float or will it sink? Challenge your friends to a boat race
  • Tin Can CookingA fun way for children to try cooking outdoors