Gates open from 8am every day

Gates open from 8am every day

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There are no admission charges per person but vehicle charges apply.
The prices  below are for cars with up to 12 seats. For vehicles with 13 or more seats coach and minibus charges apply.
Season tickets are available for frequent visitors.
No charges apply for motorcycles. Please use the special motorcycle bay provided in the car park.
Our vehicle charges make a direct contribution to help us to look after Moors Valley.

* Weekend Early Bird Special *
On a Saturday or Sunday early morning parking until 10.30am is just £1.20. You can pay when you arrive or anytime before 10.30am but you MUST exit BEFORE 10.45am or normal charges will apply.

Ticketless parking
We have a ticketless barrier system, using number plate recognition. At the entry barrier your number plate will be recorded and the barrier will lift. At the end of your visit enter your number plate at the paystations and pay the fee due according to the length of your visit. Alternatively, you can pay for a stay over 4 hours at any time. Cash and credit/debit cards are accepted, receipts are available. The exit barrier will read your number plate and lift automatically.

Parking for disabled visitors
There are 13 accessible parking spaces. Vehicles exempt from road tax due to disability may visit for free when you show your documentation at the Visitor Centre (terms and conditions apply). Please see our Access for All page for details of the documentation required. Blue badge holders pay normal car charges if their vehicle is NOT tax exempt for disability.

Up to 1 hour1 to 2 hours2 to 4 hours4 to 5 Hrs5 Hrs and Over
24th February 2020 to 31st March 2020Weekdays£1.60£1.60£1.60£1.60£1.60
1st April 2020 to 3rd April 2020All days£2.80£5.50£8.00£9.50£10.50
4th April 2020 to 19th April 2020
All days£4.00£8.00£11.00£12.00£15.00
20th April 2020 to 7th May 2020Weekdays£2.80£5.50£8.00£9.50£10.50
8th May 2020 to 10th May 2020
(May Bank Holiday)
All days£4.00£8.00£11.00£12.00£15.00
11th May 2020 to 22nd May 2020Weekdays£2.80£5.50£8.00£9.50£10.50
23rd May 2020 to 31st May 2020
(Spring Bank Holiday + Half Term)
All days£4.00£8.00£11.00£12.00£15.00
1st June 2020 to 17th July 2020Weekdays£2.80£5.50£8.00£9.50£10.50
18th July 2020 to 2nd September 2020
All days£4.00£8.00£11.00£12.00£15.00
3rd September 2020 to 23rd October 2020Weekdays£2.80£5.50£8.00£9.50£10.50
24th October 2020 to 1st November 2020
(October Half Term)
All days£4.00£8.00£11.00£12.00£15.00
2nd November 2020 to 18th December 2020Weekdays£1.60£1.60£1.60£1.60£1.60
19th December 2020 to 3rd January 2021
All days£4.00£8.00£11.00£12.00£15.00
4th January 2021 to 12th February 2021Weekdays£1.60£1.60£1.60£1.60£1.60
13th February 2021 to 21st February 2021All days£4.00£8.00£11.00£12.00£15.00
22nd February 2021 to 31st March 2021Weekdays£1.60£1.60£1.60£1.60£1.60