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Water studies

Ranger Sessions: Water studies

Water provides a home for a huge variety and number of animals. Children will be amazed to see what they can catch with a sweep of a net through one of our ponds; waterboatmen, dragonfly nymphs, diving beetles, newts and many, many more.

Pond Dipping

An introductory session where children can discover for themselves the huge variety of pond life. After a demonstration, the children will work in groups, taking it in turns to dip with a net and put the creatures in a tray to study. A Ranger will help the children identify the creatures using a simple key.

Time: 1 hour
Maximum group size: 16
Key stage: 1-2
Cost: £32.00 (£2 per child)

Water Safari

A further study of the pond as a habitat looking more closely at food chains and life cycles. We will then further investigate creature adaptations, which link them to their environment.

Time: 2 hours
Maximum group size: 16
Key stage: 2-3
Cost: £64.00 (£4 per child)