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The small print

The small print

Moors Valley is open to the public for personal use, not for commercial gain.
Forestry Commision Byelaws apply.
Operational conditions apply.

The use of flying objects such as drones is prohibited within Moors Valley Country Park and Forest.

Giving out leaflets/promotional materials within Moors Valley is not allowed unless consent is given. No flyposting of leaflets on windscreens in the car park is permitted under any circumstances.

If you are a commercial operation and wish to use Moors Valley for your business please contact the Rangers for more information.

CCTV surveillance takes place at Moors Valley for your safety and to protect the premises. Images are not used for any other purposes and the system complies with the RIPA act.

Car registrations are recorded through the Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system for statistical purposes.