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Dig for Deano

Dig for Deano

As Moors Valley celebrates its 25th anniversary The Countryside Rangers are campaigning for as many people as possible to build a wildlife pond in their garden to help our native dragonflies.

Dragonflies are suffering as a result of losses of their wetland habitats. One of the easiest ways you can help is by digging a garden pond and creating your own dragonfly habitat, essential for these stunning insects to complete their life cycle.

Join Moors Valley’s ‘Dig for Deano’ campaign to help our native dragonflies and build your own garden pond.
Over the past 100 years it has been estimated that one million ponds have been filled in. With fewer ponds, dragonflies need our help. By digging a pond you will be replacing a habitat that has been lost.

We have collected together some of the best information available to help you get started.

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