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News from the Park and Forest

News from the Park and Forest

End of season sale of adult hire bikes

We will be selling off our current fleet of ‘Scott Aspect’ adult hire bikes at the end of the year.
The bikes will become available in batches from early December and will be sold on a first come, first served basis. All bikes will be serviced before sale but will be ‘sold as seen’.
We will notify interested people by email when the bikes will be available to view and buy. We anticipate the bikes being released in three batches during December. Sorry, bikes cannot be reserved and will be sold from the Cycle Hire Centre on a first come, first served basis only.

Bike models – Scott Aspect 760 in 14″ frame, Scott Aspect 750 in 15.6″, 17.3″, 18.9″ and 20.9″ frame sizes.
No child bikes will be available.

Please register your interest to join the bike sales mailing list by emailing and we will then email you when the bikes become available for sale.

Footpath diversion

The ‘bendy’ boardwalk on the pink cycle loop and yellow walking route has been closed for safety reasons and will be replaced over the winter. Whilst works take place these routes will be diverted over a temporary bridge at the top of Moors Lake and along the lakeside path.
Walkers, cyclists and horse riders will all be using this section of path at the top of Moors Lake in both directions – please be respectful of each other.
Walkers have priority and cyclists must give way to walkers and horse riders. As always, please keep all dogs on a lead around Moors Lake.
Thank you for your co-operation.

Updated barbecue policy

From 1 July 2018 we have banned disposable barbecues as part of a campaign to reduce environmental damage. Visitors to the park will still be able to use barbecues, but only portable, re-usable ones which are more environmentally sustainable.
For several years we have been providing stands for disposable barbecues to raise them safely off the ground and asking visitors to take their barbecue rubbish home with them. Unfortunately, following several incidents of burning grass and picnic tables and repeated dumping of coals and ash in the protected river environment we have decided to take the step to ban disposable barbecues.
If you’re planning to enjoy a barbecue at Moors Valley we simply ask that from now on, you only bring portable, re-usable barbecues on legs to the park and respect the countryside environment by disposing of your waste responsibly and ensure your barbecue is extinguished fully after use.

Why we have no rubbish bins

Moors Valley has always had a ‘no rubbish bin policy’.
Rubbish that is generated from purchases on site – Visitor Centre gift shop, restaurant, ice cream kiosk, go ape shop, railway gift shop and kiosks – can be returned to these outlets and is recycled where possible. However, visitors bringing picnic, barbecue and other rubbish to the site are asked to take their rubbish home, just as they would if they were visiting any other area of countryside where bins aren’t provided.
Bins, however often they are emptied, are unsightly, can smell, attract wasps and vermin and be dangerous to wildlife.
To empty bins vehicles are necessary, compromising visitor peace and safety.
Eight dog bins are provided in the Forest (see map leaflet).
Nappy bins are provided in the family toilets.