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Woodland walk

Ranger Sessions: Woodland walk

Walk through the woodland to discover why they are so wonderful. The walk will take one and a half hours with stops along the way to discover the different colours, textures, shapes and sounds in a series of fun and interactive games.

Activities are aimed to encourage children to use their senses and learn through self-discovery.
Choose four activities from the options below:

Cyril Squirrel’s Shopping List
A list of different items to find in the woodland to explore their sense of touch such as crunchy leaves or smooth bark.

Woodland Rainbow
By searching the woodland floor for different colours children will soon learn that the woodland is not just brown and green but many colours of the rainbow – if they take the time to look.

Classroom Trail
The children will follow a short trail through the woodland along which are hidden  items from the classroom. Children have to try and spot all the items. This introduces children to the ideas of camouflage and encourages them to walk more slowly and to be more observant.

Caterpillars & Camouflage
To start, the children have to search out some escaped woolly caterpillars; usually finding the brightly coloured ones first and the dull ones last so getting across the idea of camouflage.

The Up & Under World
Usually when we walk along we look straight ahead and maybe from side to side so missing out on all the magical sights over our heads and under our feet. By using mirrors children will be able to discover the magical up and under world.

Smelly Cocktails
Create a cocktail using only natural materials and add our special pixie juice to unlock the weird and wonderful smells of the woodland. Will you make the prettiest perfume or the most foul and disgusting stink?

Sound maps
Children choose a special place in the woodland to sit and listen to all the sounds around them and draw the sounds on a card.

Time: 1.5 hours
Maximum group size: 16
Key stage: 1-2
Cost: £48.00 (£3 per child)