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Ranger Sessions: Orienteering

With over 750 acres of forest, Moors Valley is an excellent place for children to learn map reading and orienteering skills.

Introductory, intermediate and advanced sessions are detailed below, offering students progression within the activity.
Please note: the contents of your session can always be tailored to suit your group, varying with the age and experience of the students, the time available and any preferences you may have.

Introductory Session

Cone-O Exercise
An essential skill is to learn how to ‘set the map’ or orientate it correctly so it is always set up for the direction of travel.

An introduction to keys; matching symbols to words and photos and then a short walk to match features on the map to those on the ground.

Star Orienteering
Working from a central point the students use a simple map to visit different features and find the control markers. A good run around which tests both setting the map skills and relating features on the map to those on the ground.

Map Walk
Students will be introduced to a more detailed map of the Forest before going on a short walk to introduce map work on the move.

Short Course
All the orienteering skills learnt will be put into practice in small groups in the Forest.

Time: 2 hours
Maximum group size: 16
Key stage: Year 5+
Cost: £64.00 (£4 per person)

Intermediate Session

This session will follow on from the introductory session, challenging and developing the students’ knowledge of orienteering and will include the following:

Loops and Relays
Fun and fast moving courses to test the skills learnt so far. Students will get the chance to work individually and in small teams, testing their teamwork and map reading skills against the clock.

For the students to successfully use the scale of the map they need to be able to gain an idea of how far they have travelled. They will walk, jog and run 100 metres and count how many paces they take to cover the distance.

Time: 2 hours
Maximum group size: 16
Key stage: Year 5+
Cost: £64.00 (£4 per person)

Advanced Session

This session will follow on from the intermediate session, introducing the use of a compass in orienteering, taking bearings and putting all the skills learnt to the test.

Compass Points
An introduction to using a compass, looking at compass points, direction of travel and how to both take and walk on a bearing.

Compass Challenge
Armed with only a compass and instructions, students will follow a short course in the Forest, testing their knowledge of bearings and judging distances.

Cross Country
Students will be able to put all the skills learnt into practise, following a route cross country in search of controls.

Time: 2.5 hours
Maximum group size: 16
Key stage: 3 to adult
Cost: £80.00 (£5 per person)

The Orienteering Course

The orienteering course is the perfect follow on from Ranger-led sessions and can be explored seperately by schools and groups without the need for Ranger involvement.
An orienteering course can be set to suit the ability of the group and your requirements. It can vary in length from 1.5km to over 8km, can be completed individually or in groups, and can be non-competitive or a timed competition.

Time: 2-4 hours
Maximum group size: 16
Key stage: Year 5+
Cost: £64.00 to £128.00 Ranger-led (£4 to £8 per person)