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Environmental art

Ranger Sessions: Environmental art

A chance for children to explore the woodlands and show their discoveries through art.

The activities are designed to look at texture, colour and shape. They are a great way to get children to look more closely at nature.

Woodland Artist
Using anything they can find on the woodland floor, children can have a go at creating a piece of woodland art, either a picture on the ground or even a little sculpture.

Natural Weaving
Children will weave pictures to take back to school made from grass and leaves which show the different shapes, textures and species found in the woodland and meadow.

Colour catching
Create a natural colour chart by sticking pieces of leaf, bark, grass and other organic materials onto a piece of card.

Time: 1 hour
Maximum group size: 16
Key stage: 1-2
Cost: £32.00 (£2 per child)