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Meet the gang!

Meet the gang!

Meet the 'Nuts about Nature' gang...

Deano is an Emperor Dragonfly
He can fly up to 18 miles per hour. He started life in the pond as a nymph but two years later he was big enough to leave. He gets his name dragonfly because he has fierce jaws.

Barry is a Violet Ground Beetle
He lives mainly in woodland in the layer of dead leaves on the ground. He is a carnivore which means he eats other animals so he needs to move very fast. He has an exoskeleton similar to strong armour which protects his body.

Gus is a Grasshopper
He is a herbivore which means he eats only plants. He can fly and sheds his skin up to five times. Grasshoppers don’t have voices; instead they ‘sing’ by rubbing the rough edge of one wing against their back leg. This is called stridulation.

Sammy is a Smooth Snake
She lives on heathland sunbathing in the heather to keep warm. Her favourite foods are other snakes and lizards.

Neville is a Smooth Newt
He belongs to a special type of family called amphibians. During the spring and summer he lives in ponds and lakes but comes to land to hibernate through the winter months.

Betzy is a Bumble Bee
She feeds on pollen and nectar from flowers. Bumblebees can live by meadows, hedges, heathland and marshes in a colony with a queen (the head female bee) and her workers (other male and female bees).