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Fun activities

Fun activities

Deano the Dragonfly and the rest of the 'Nuts about Nature' gang have got some great games and activities for you to try at home or at school.

Find out more about trees, what lives in the pond, who eats who and how you can search for some real life wildlife near you. Just click on the links on the right to download the packs and find out more!

We have scoured the internet and found some of the best online games to play to do with nature and the environment – which one is your favourite…?

  • If you like colouring you can try your hand at painting in ‘Colour a bird’ with the RSPB.
  • Can you put the pictures of the birds back together in the jigsaw puzzle challenge from the RSPB?
  • Go bird watching with Rook and test how many birds you can correctly identify.
  • Can you create some new species of bird to survive on some new alien planets in Avian Resurection?
  • Go virtual pond dipping with Gaby from the RSPB and see how many different creatures you can catch.
  • BBC Wild Games Our favourite is the Build a Beast where you can make the most bizarre creatures and see how long they would survive in the wild; or why not take the personality quiz and find out what animal you are most like.
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