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So you want to be a Young Ranger?

So you want to be a Young Ranger?

We are happy that you have joined us on our challenge adventure to see if you are ready to be a Ranger.

Put on your wellingtons and prepare to get muddy, these challenges are all about having fun, getting active, becoming a nature detective and letting your imagination run wild!

How to get started…

  1. Start by checking out the rules on the back of your booklet
  2. Grab a grown up and choose your first challenge.
    Don’t forget to look out for the Moors Valley Challenge logo in Deanos Event Diary for special events where you can earn more stamps. Look for the Challenge Sites when you are out and about in the Park and Forest for perfect places to complete some of your challenges. There are also activity sheets to download to help you on your way.
  3. Every time you complete a challenge, make sure you take a snap of yourself doing your Challenge to show the Rangers to get your stamp. We’d also love to see your pictures on facebook – check in at Moors Valley or use the hashtag #moorsvalley

What happens next…

Only those brave enough to complete all 40 challenges will be rewarded with their own Moors Valley Young Ranger badge and certificate!
Remember to find out what type of Ranger you are in your booklet, check all the challenges have been stamped and show your booklet to the Rangers – it’s as easy as that!

Activity sheets

Look for the ‘i’ symbol in your activity booklet next to some of your challenges.
For each of these challenges there is an activity sheet below which you can download and print to get going. Just click on the links below.

–  Feed the birds  –  Feed the ducks  –  Lay a secret trail  –  Go on a scavenger hunt  –
–  Play Pooh sticks  –  Build a leaf boat  –  Go cloud spotting  –  Plant a seed  –
–  Feed a butterfly  –  Meet a tree and take a bark rubbing  –
–  Make a woodland picture  –  Go stargazing  –

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Moors Valley Challenge



Join us on an event...

Join us on an event...

To help you complete some of your challenges, take a look at 'Deano's Events Diary' to see what we have on offer throughout the year.
Look out for the Moors Valley Challenge logo next to the events where you can earn yourself a Challenge Stamp.