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Gates open from 8am every day

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Mega minibeasts

Ranger Sessions: Mega minibeasts

During the summer creepy crawlies abound; some delight us, others torment us and a few scare us. Children will be amazed at the variety and number of creepy crawlies they will discover and find them fascinating to study.

June to September is the best time to study minibeats.

Minibeast Hunt

An introductory session for children to explore the world of minibeasts and the habitats in which they live. In the woodland children will look at pitfall traps and discover creatures such as woodlice and ground beetles.
Out in the meadow children will use sweep nets to catch creatures lying on the long grass and can use magnifying pots to take a closer look.

Time: 1 hour
Maximum group size: 16
Key stage: 1
Cost: £32.00 (£2 per child)

Minibeast Safari

A longer session held during June and July allows more time to study in the woodland and meadow. The session aims to investigate links between creatures and their environment looking closely at food chains and adaptations, differences and similarities between ground dwelling and arboreal species. The children can use magnifying pots and simple keys to help identify creatures.
Activities include: sweep netting for grasshoppers, lacewings and butterflies; looking in pitfall traps then under logs and in leaf litter for centipedes and millipedes before shaking trees to get all the spiders and shield bugs to fall out!

Time: 2 hours
Maximum group size: 16
Key stage: 2-3
Cost: £64.00 (£4 per child)